How to prepare for your wedding at Park Street Church, Boston


To get prepared for your wedding, I would like to suggest these 10+1 tips:

0. Theme

  • What is the one thing I want my guests to remember whenever they talk about our wedding?
  • Who do I want to serve/reach out that day?
  • What message do I want to send?

1. Save the date, the church and reception places (5-6 months before the wedding)

  • Invitation e-card:

Our samples (click to enlarge):

2. Website and registry (3 months before the wedding)




3. Wedding program (3 months before the wedding)

4. Coordinators

  • Church side: (2 months before the wedding)
    Facility: Rich Elliott ( He is very kind and loves PSIF.
    Coordinator: Mary Bulger (, 617-974-0419). A very nice lady and she coordinators the rooms you can use and other small things.
  • Your side:
    Coordinator: some one who is good at logistics (better to be a female. they are born to do weddings). This person should be found as soon as possible.
    Volunteers: Ask your coordinator to call for volunteers 2-3 months ahead of time.

5. Music (1-2 months before the wedding)

  • Bride’s march, wedding party processional and recessional : Nathan Skinner ( if you don’t want to do ordinary wedding music, he has a lot good pieces to suggest.
  • Prelude: Guan-Ting and Nathan can cooperate and they don’t need rehearsal.

6. Makeup and hair dresser (1-2 months before the wedding)

Rachel tried a couple of places and she may know more about it. She, Helen, and Hui used our friend Lynn 978-760-2790. She is a very experienced wedding make-up artist and hair dresser. We all love her style and she is esp. efficient and creative to give you multiple styles and handle multiple bridesmaids…  

7. Flowers (1 month before the wedding)

  • Bride and bridesmaids bouquet: Guan-Ting helped us
  • The large garland on stage: Greg is the church’s florist and he nicely did the church’s Sunday garland based on our wedding color, free of charge on Sat. Ask Mary about his contact info.

8. Cake (1 month before the wedding)

We got our cake at a place in Lexington, where they use fresh fruit and cream for it. It is not expensive ($110 for a 50-people cake) and amazingly delicious. Sweet Thyme Bakery: 1837 Massachusetts Ave, Lexington, MA 02420: (781) 860-8818

9. Reception media (1 month before the wedding)

  • Music and slideshow: either you do it or find a friend to do it
  • MC: if you have people who don’t speak English, try to find a bilingual one (we got Caleb and Mark)
  • Ask your coordinator to call for a media team to take care of the sound and videos.

10. Application of marriage license @ city hall (2 weeks before the wedding)

11. Enjoy yourselves!

Even if some of these above go wrong, don’t worry! Wedding is just one day, and your marriage is the whole life.
BTW, don’t arrange too many things the following few days of your wedding.